Glaxy Softtech

Traffic Surveys

Glaxy SoftTech undertakes manual traffic surveys using well developed procedures and experienced staff. We receive video footage from the clients from different parts of the world through Courier, File Server (FTP) and Websites on which we do the manual surveys.

Software Development

We are a team of software developers and we have expert knowledge in developing software applications using .net. We develop .net applications in Visual Studio, a integrated development environment (IDE) and we have 5 years of experience in software development

Software Testing

Our testing practice spread across Manual, Functional, Automation, Performance, Security and Specialized Testing. We build test strategy balancing quality cost and performance to provide stable and reliable applications. We follow the industry’s best methodology and end-to-end testing practice understanding client’s need and ensure the best possible solution.

Why Glaxy Softech

High Quality

We understand that consistency and perception of your product is mostly important. That’s why we guarantee and ensure that our quality standard meets your need. Our quality control system guarantee you the perfection of every data we deliver.

Quick Turnaround

We are a completely customer focused company, and make every effort to deliver the results with quick turaround. Even for urgent job we deliver in 24 hours.

Low Cost

We provide high quality service at very low cost. Our cost is very competitive.